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Belts & Hoses


Worn out or broken belts and hoses are some of the most commonly overlooked causes of disabled vehicles. Visit Quick Lane Macon at Riverside Ford-Lincoln anytime and our factory-trained experts can inspect all your belts for wear and your hoses for leaks. Plus, we have a full range of quality replacement belts and hoses on hand, from trusted brands like Motorcraft.® 



What's included:

  • Inspect belts for wear and cracks

  • Test for correct belt tension

  • Check hoses for leaks and cracks

  • Pinch test of hoses


Motorcraft® Belts:

  • Manufactured of premium quality materials and polyester cords

  • Minimize slippage and resist stretching and deterioration from grease, oil, dirt and high temperatures

  • Laminated, die-cut edge design provides quiet, efficient operation



Motorcraft® Hoses:

  • Long-lasting, heat-resistant rubber used in most under-the-hood hoses

  • Complete line of products, including fuel line hoses, power brake hoses, vacuum hoses, windshield wiper hoses and more




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