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Motorcraft® Filters: Variety & Quality

Motorcraft® has a variety of filters for all Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles. This video shows you how filters work, gives you replacement tips and highlights the advantages of quality Motorcraft® filters.



















Motorcraft® Lubricants: Vital To Engine Performance

This video shows you the advantages of using quality lubricants to protect your engine's performance. Trust Motorcraft® lubricants including - Full Synthetic Motor Oil - for our highest level of performance, helping to ensure the smoothest operation. And learn about the entire line of Motorcraft® quality fluids.









Your transmission is crucial to the proper functioning of your vehicle. If your transmission fluid is old and contaminated, it can cause expensive damage. And if your transmission filter is clogged, your vehicle will not be able to shift gears effectively. Whether you drive a manual transmission or automatic transmission, our auto service experts at Quick Lane Macon at Riverside Ford-Lincoln have the experience necessary for performing whatever maintenance it needs, from a fluid check or a filter replacement to a system flush.



What's included:

  • Transmission fluid level check

  • New transmission filter

  • Linkage and controls inspection and lubrication



The first mass-produced automatic transmissions appeared in the 1940s. Until then, everyone had to drive stick shifts. 

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